Training & Technical assistance SERvices

We help your team get AMPED through trainings and technical assistance. Contact us to schedule or get started on topics including (but not limited to):

  • Advancing Youth Development (AYD) - AYD is a national certificate program for training youth workers that is composed of seven sessions. Each session introduces participants to a youth development “concept” and facilitates shared learning of the practical applications of each concept. (32 hours + required class assignments)
  • Supervising Youth Development Practice (SYDP) - SYDP is a national certificate program designed to train supervisors of youth workers in the principles and practices of youth development, as well as the “best practices” in the supervision of youth development work. (16 hours + required class assignments)
  • Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART) - BART is a community- based HIV-prevention program. BART helps teens clarify their own values about sexual activity, make decisions that will help them avoid becoming infected with HIV, and learn skills to put their decisions into action. (16 hours)
  • Mentoring 101 - Designed for new mentors, this training provides an orientation to the principles and practices of youth mentoring. (3 hours)
  • Designing & Planning a Mentoring Program - Mentees deserve to participate in a program that is designed with intentionality, and planned so that they have great experiences. We will guide you through the process of designing a mentoring program that is evidence based, intentional and impactful. (3 hours)
  • Mentor Recruitment & Retention - Beyond funding, mentor recruitment and retention are among the top three challenges facing mentoring program leaders. Using best practices and proven methods, we can help you learn how to ensure you increase the quantity and quality of mentors you recruit. (3 hours + post session assignment)
  • Youth Program Management & Evaluation - This session will provide tools for program leaders and managers to begin developing measures and consider methods that help ensure their programs are meeting goals. (3 hours)

Technical Assistance Services         

  • Organizational Development & Strategic Planning
  • Coalition Building & Development
  • Executive Coaching & Career Counseling
  • Project Management
  • Temporary Staffing